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The Precinct is located at the south tip of the City. It covers Yongkang District (with a total of 39 villages and 1,288 neighborhoods). It is next to Xinhua Precinct in the east, Gui-ren Precinct in the south, Shanhua Precinct in the north, and it borders the First, Third and Fifth Precincts in the west. It is an important area of concentrated security.

Population: As of the end of January 2011, there are a total of 1,288 neighborhoods, 75,058 households and a total population of 217,001 with a male population of 107,873 and female population of 109,128.
  Xinshi District was originally under the administration of the Precinct. However, in response to the comprehensiveness of Tainan Science Park, the District was ordered to become an administrative district of Shanhua Precinct as of April 1st, 2000.
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Yongkang Police Precinct. Tainan City Police Department
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