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First, the general condition

Geographical Location And Population

Currently Tainan, the cultural capital has 1,883,102 people and convenient transportation. People in the city rich in culture either engaged in farming or in business. There are 37 districts, 752 villages and 14,679 neighborhoods under the administrative jurisdiction.

Police station gate

Second, the regional characteristics

Traditional Agriculture Being Reborn

Sinying, Kuangtien, Sinshih, Yongkang, Rende, Tainan Technology Industrial Park, Hesun industrial zones and Zongtouliao industrial zones were set up one by one gradually due to changes in the city's economic structure and the rapid growth of industrial and commercial activities.

In recent years, moreover, as Tainan Science Park and the southern branch of Industrial Technology Research Institute were established, the city gradually transformed to be a bigger Industrial and Technological one. With the dramatic increase of factory buildings, apartment communities, the flourising business and the floating population, Tainan City Police have been focusing on controlling and preventing from the gambling, violence and pornography and other security problems.

Metrppolitan Areas Hiding Security Concerns

After Sinshih district was programmed to be the Southern Taiwan Science Park, the surging immigrants brought about regional prosperity and also security problems as well, however.

Both Anping and Sinying districts are where the municipal government offices, financial institutions and other important institutions located, therefore all kinds of protests and demonstrations came about more often than ever and thus there are concerns over the security.

East and West Central districts are business-centered with flourishing economy, so that theft and robbery might occur in these places. Baihe, Dongshan, Danei, Yujing, Nanci, Nanhua and Longci districts are the rare places people go visit, and thus the despicable people took advantage of the situation, sneaked into those areas and disturbed the public order .

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