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Administrative Aims

We are a police corps with good ideals, right methods, efficiency and aiming for excellence. Our work is based on the theme of “Public Security First, Traffic Safety Major Priority”. However, at this age of new millennium, we must also improve our service based on an attitude of “People are our Priority. Service is the First Thing”, treating every request from the people as the most important one and provide them with the most convenient, humane and heart-warming police administrative services. We must be an impartial and sympathetic “Humane Police Force”, always standing with our fellow citizens. Using the most caring words and sincere attitude to treat every citizen coming to seek help. So while we achieve outstanding performance as enforcers of law and order, we also receive high merits from our services and subsequently winning the hearts of our fellow citizens.

Department Divisions And Areas of Responsibility
Division Name Areas of Responsibility
Administrative Division
  • Police administration
  • Duty affairs
  • Implementation of the "Anti Sex-trade Project"
  • Other administrative supports
Public Order Division
  • Security organization deployment
  • Defending public security
  • Planning of peace preservation
  • Maintaining public order
  • Training and deployment of volunteer police
Training Division
  • Improving police knowledge of law enforcement
  • Police regular training
  • Special police mission training
  • Police counseling
Prevention and Control Division
  • Census administration
  • Household registration affairs
  • Missing persons
Foreign Affairs Division
  • Foreign affairs management
  • Issuance of Police Criminal Record Certificate
  • Foreign security inquisition
  • Reception of foreign guests
  • Bilingual project and translation affairs
  • Mainland affairs
Logistics Division
  • Equipment management
  • Property management
  • Property maintenance
  • Procurement
  • General affairs
Crime Prevention Division
  • Improving education on crime prevention
  • Setting up the community self-defense systems
  • Providing guidance for establishing neighborhood watches
  • Providing guidance on installing safety equipment
Public Security Division
  • Social Protection
  • Social order investigation
  • Security of social investigation planning and consultation
  • Security and espionage prevention
  • Disposition of security information
  • Research and planning
  • Official document inquiry
  • Documentation
  • Official seal
  • Archives management
  • Cashier
Internal Affairs Office
  • Supervising and monitoring officers’ duties
  • Duty inspection
  • Moral inspection
  • Policemen loyalty inquisition
  • Special duties
Legal Affairs Office
  • Explanation and consultation regarding rules and regulations concerning police affairs
  • Appeal affairs
Public Relations Office
  • Public relations affairs
  • News release
  • Media contacts
Information Management Office
  • Information Technology Management
  • Assignment management
  • Research and planning
Accounting Office
  • Budgeting and fiscal management
  • Accounting
  • Annual budget enforcement
  • Accounting affairs assessment
Personnel Office
  • Personnel appointment and dismissal
  • Personnel compensation and discipline
  • Welfare
  • Personnel information affairs
Civil Service Ethics Office
  • Civil Service ethics inquisition and correction
  • Investigate charges of corruption
  • Official confidential information maintenance
Command and Control Center
  • Response to calls and Emergencies
  • Commanding and communicating police duties
Forensic Science Center
  • Processing crime scenes for evidence
  • Identification of drugs
  • Identification of instruments
  • Questionable document examination
Civil Defense Operations Center
  • Civil defense affairs
  • Planning and training of civil defense
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