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The precinct is in charge of the security of three districts: Sinhua District, Shanshang District and Zuojhen District. People here live in a simple way, and the area is considered to be a safe living environment. The majority of residents here rely on farming, and there are a few factories built in Sinhua and Shanshang.

The precinct is located in the southeast of Tainan City. It is by Yujing to the east, Yongkang to the west, Guiren to the south and Shanhua to the north. The Precinct covers Sinhua District, Shanshang District and Zuojhen District with a total area of 164.8384km2. Besides the plains in Sinhua District, the rest of the area is hills. Residents in the area rely on farming, and there are few factories that are concentrated in Shanshang Industrial Park. Major produces in the area include papayas, pineapples, sweet potatos, bamboo shoots, mangos and flowers. Famous scenic spots include Sinhua Old Street, Hutoupi, Cailiao Fossil Museum, Tainan Golf Course, Dakeng Leisure Farm, Caoshan Moon World, Zhongxing Forest Reserve and others, which are all great getaway places.

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