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Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Brigade comprises of 3 sections and 2 offices:Prevention Section, Investigation Section, and Administration Section, Personnel Office and Accounting Office.

We plan 12 school responsibility areas for 314 schools in Tainan, and assign designated detectives to assist schools in handling the various juvenile delinquencies.

Juvenile crime preventions

  1. Preventing juveniles’ late-night loitering, truancy and dropouts.
  2. Tracking the juveniles under supervision, evaluating their recidivism as well as assigning designated person for re-evaluation.
  3. Checking places where juveniles loiter and dealing with the cases that harm the physical and mental health of juveniles, such as pornography, gambling, and violence.
  4. Conducting patrolling to crack down on crimes such as narcotics, guns, pornography, gambling, sex trades, sexual crimes and job scams that harm the physical and mental health of juveniles.
  5. Discouraging juveniles from smoking, drinking, chewing betel nuts, etc., as well as fining the stores that sell the above-mentioned goods to juveniles.
  6. Implementing the "Spring Breeze Project" to reduce the occurrence of juvenile deviant behaviors.

Campus Safety Maintenance

  1. Establishing an instant notification system, and setting up patrol boxes in the neighborhoods of schools to strengthen the security of campus.
  2. Planning the school responsibility areas and contacting the school regularly to cope with the campus cases of juveniles’ deviant behaviors.
  3. Implementing the campus security testing and evaluation to provide suggestions for improvement of school security.
  4. Performing on-campus and peripheral patrols for activities such as sports meets, fairs, graduation ceremonies to prevent violent incidents.
  5. Delivering legal advocacies including preventions from falling for frauds, drugs, bullying, cybercrime and other issues so as to strengthen the ability of teachers’ and students’ self-defense.

Hosting youth leisure activities

Holding various youth-friendly seasonal activities such as 3-on-3 basketball tournaments during the summer vacation and the winter break.

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