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The Precinct is located in the North District administrative district of Tainan City. In the east, the Precinct is neighboring First Precinct by Sec.2, Beimen Road and neighboring  Yongkang Precinct by Xiaodong Road and the Chaitougang River. In the west and south, the Precinct is next to Second Precinct by Sec.5, Hewei Road, Wusheng Road and Chenggong Road. And it is next to Third Precinct by the Yanshui River. The Precinct covers an area of 10.434km2 with a total of 33 villages.

Within the Precinct, there are numerous financial organizations, jewelry stores, hypermarkets, vendor centers, and large-scale night markets. There are Tainan Municipal Library and Tainan City Children's Science Museum next to Tainan Park, which are great venues where people can go reading and relax on the weekends and holidays. Within the Precinct, there are also three 2nd class historical sites: Kaiyuan Temple, Kaiji Tianhou Temple, and Sanshan Guowang Temple; five 3rd class historical sites: Zhong Dao Chong Wen Temple (inside Tainan Park), Xing Ji Temple, Xihua Hall, Grand Guanyin Pavilion, and The Well of Black Africans (located on Ziqiang Street). They are all great places where  people go for worship. In addition, there are also Xiaobei Tourism Night Market, Dongfeng Business District, Chenggong Night Market and Garden Night Market, which are all great spots for gourmet foods, shopping and leisure.

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