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The Precinct covers Anping District with an area of 11.219km2. There are currently 15 villages (Hai-tou Village, Shimen Village, Ping-an Village, Pingtong Village, Gangzai Village, Ximen Village, Jincheng Village, Wenping Village, Yuping Village, Hua-ping Village, Yiping Village, Guoping Village, Yuguang Village, Yizai Village, Jianping Village) with 23,128 households and 62,520 people (according to the statistical data from the Anping District Household Registration Office of Tainan City as of November 2010). Anping District faces the ocean to the west with a coastline of 4km. In the northwest, the District overlooks An-nan District (under the administration of Third Precinct) across the Yanshui River. It is next to Sec.4, Minquan Road to the north, Sec.2, Zhonghua W. Road and Midwest District to the east (under the administration of Second Precinct), and south section of the canal and the South District to the south (under the administration of the Sixth Precinct).

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