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Administrative District: Sec.1, Beimen Road and Sec.1 Datong Road of the Precinct are next to First Precinct (East District) in the east. Sec.1, Jiankang Road and Yonghua Road of the Precinct are next to Sixth Precinct (South District) in the south. The Precinct is next to Fourth Precinct (Anping District) by its Sec.2, Zhonghua West Road and Sec.4, Minquan Road in the west. In the north, the Precinct is next to Fifth Precinct (North District) at its Chenggong Road, Wenxian Road, Wusheng Road, Sec.5, Hewei Road, along the Yanshui River.


The Precinct has an area of 6.4486km2 with a population of about 78,000 people. It is divided into 20 villages and 392 neighborhoods. The Precinct has a high population density, convenient transportation with a traffic network that extends to all directions, countless famous attractions and historical sites as well as ubiquitous financial institutions, exhibiting the district’s prosperous business development. The Precinct is considered as the most bustling district of Tainan City.

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