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The Precinct is located at the East Region Administrative District of Greater Tainan City. It is next to Ren-de District in the east and the south, Midwest Region and South Region are to its west and are next to the administrative district of Second and Sixth Precinct, and Fifth and Yongkang Precinct are to the north. The Precinct covers an area of 13.4156km2 with a total of 47 villages. It is an ideal cultural and educational residential area as well as a center of the City’s cultural and business activities.

The companies and schools inside the administrative district include Tainan Audit Office, Taiwan Sugar Corporation, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center, Tainan Motor Vehicles Office, Tainan Train Station, Tainan Office of Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Monopoly Bureau, Tainan’s Veterans Home, along with one university (National Cheng Kung University), one national high school (National Tainan First Senior High School), five private high schools/vocational schools (Chang Jung Senior High School, Chang Jung Girls’ Senior High School, Deguang Catholic High School, Kuang Hua Girls’ Senior High School, Salesian Technical School), four middle schools (Houjia Junior High School, Fusing Junior High School, Jhongsiao Junior High School, Chongming Junior High School), and eight elementary schools (Shengli Elementary School, Bo-ai Elementary School, Datong Elementary School, Dong-guang Elementary School, Fusing Elementary School, Chongsyue Elementary School, De-gao Elementary School, Chongming Elementary School)

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