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The Precinct is located at the southwest of the County. It is next to Yujing to the east, Jiali and Xuejia to the west, Shanhua to the south and Xinyin to the north. The Precinct covers four administrative districts, including Madou, Xiaying, Liujia and Guantian. Besides Daciou and Wangye in the Liujia District, the rest of the districts are all plains and not hills. The Precinct covers an area of 225.846km2, with rice and corn as the area's major production, and pomelo and avocado of Madou are widely known in Taiwan. Famous attractions and historical sites within the Precinct's administrative districts include the Wushantou Reservoir, Madou Daitian Temple, Nan-Ying Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center and others.

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