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Department Overview:

The Precinct was established on November 1st, 1954. The Precinct is situated at the southeast of Tainan City. It is next to Jiaxian Township of Kaohsiung County in the east. Mt. Sanjiaonan and Mt. Erjian are in the north of the Precinct and are next to Zhongpu Precinct and Baihe Precinct of Jiayi County. It is connected to Wushantou and Jiucengling to the west, which neighbors Shanhua and Xinhua Precincts of the County. The area is 357.52km2 and occupies one fifth of the County’s area. As of the end of August 2004, the population of the Precinct reaches 11,387 households and 36,945 people. The Precinct covers a vast area and is loosely populated. People here all live a simple life. The Precinct covers three townships, including Yujing Township, Nanxi Township and Nanhua Township.

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Yujing Police Precinct. Tainan City Police Department
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