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Department Overview: The Precinct is located in the northwest of the City. Inside the region, there are three districts: Xinying, Yanshui and Liuying. In the northeast, the Precinct neighbors Baihe Precinct. The Precinct borders Xuejia Precinct in the west and Madou Precinct in the south. In the northwest, the Precinct borders with Budai Precinct of Jiayi County Police Bureau across the Bazhang River. There are a total of 66 villages and 1,205 neighborhoods within the administrative districts of the Precinct. It has an area of 152.077km2. Besides Guo Yi in Liuying District, where there is a hilly region that extends from the Central Mountain Range, the rest of the districts inside the Precinct are plains with flat terrain. People of the area live a simple life, and the area is considered a stable and safe neighborhood.
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Xinying Police Precinct. Tainan City Government Police Bureau
Address : No.119, Jhongshan Rd., Sinying Dist., Tainan City 730, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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