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The Precinct is next to Zhongpu Township of Jiayi County in the east, Yanshui and Xinying to the west, Liuying and Liujia in the south, and Shuishang of Jiayi to the north. Inside the Precinct, there are three districts: Baihe, Dongshan and Houbi. Besides Dongshan District and Guanling region, which are of hilly terrain, the rest of the Precinct is mostly plains. The area of the Precinct is 323.54km2, and its major products are rice and fruits.

Within the Precinct, the famous attractions include Guanziling Scenic Area, Baihe Reservoir, Daxian Temple, Biyun Temple, Fu-an Temple and Xiangong Temple, which all have beautiful scenery. These spots attract numerous cycling enthusiasts to visit here as they often make it on their way of traveling route.

Pear Garden and 175 Coffee Highway in Dongshan District have abundant Dongshan Coffee and green-skinned oranges growing along the way. Every October is the peak season for production when the coffees turn red and as the oranges turn green.

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